Monday, January 20, 2014

Revisiting the Dream of Dr. MLK Jr. 2014

The life and legacy of Dr. MLK,Jr. Is on my mind. I have been reflecting on his last sermon, ("I Have Been to the Mountain Top" see link below). I discovered why he was considered a serious threat to the status quo. He promoted the unity of the African American community while at the same time encouraging the brotherhood all of humanity. He promoted fair treatment for all of God's Children. He promoted the conscious use of the collective economic withdrawal of the support for companies that did not treat the African American fairly in their hiring policies. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did more than have a dream. In his last sermon, he gave some concrete steps for us to use to strengthen African American Institutions like banks and insurance businesses and extract from the powers that be the rights of a citizen and human dignity for all people.

Yes, Dr. King even challenged the religious order and his fellow pastors and preachers to develop a "dangerous unselfishness" that assured their ministries did more than take care of themselves and prepare people for the after life but using spiritual principle to help people live a better quality of life here and now.

Today I am asking my friends to please rethink the Life and Legacy of Dr. King beyond the wonderfully socially acceptable dream to review how his life was given to dealing with the reality of the treating issues of his day and ours. Lets do our part to deal with Poverty, Injustice, racism and mass incarceration and any other thing that cause God Children to live below their birthright. This is what's on my mind today How about you? Happy Kingdom day... Live the Dream!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

High-Profile Black Actors Pay Tribute to Trayvon Martin: "Little Black B...

This a power piece of prose giving witness to positive transmutation of negative vibes into positive rhythms of challenge and transformation. We must be the bridge over which our little boy wonders cross to become supermen of continual wonders. Keep Going...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Sick of Funerals

I'm Sick of Funerals
Original poem republished in dedication to Clarence R. Bourne by Omar A. Muhammad

And another one gone, another one gone
another one bites the dust...
another young soldier gone,
cut down in life's prime by heartless thug
doing will of Hitler's spirit
snatching Chosen Ones off the earth,

Let's pray no other Mother
stand over lifeless Son
facing ceiling in house of prayer,

let us pray no other family forced witness
to premature warrior's ceremonious burial.

Why young soldier miss Sunday breakfast?
Why Monday roll call chronicles the dead?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust 
Genocide presses on Chosen One's Holocaust

For whom does the bell toll now?

Wake out of slumber vision to Holy War!

And another one gone, another one gone
another one bites the dust...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

20 Seems Too Young to Become an Ancestor

Today we celebrated the life and home-going of one of our newest ancestors. This young man, Clarence Rickey Bourne, was one of the youth I served in the Venice YouthBuild program which I direct here in Los Angeles. Today, when I spoke at his home-going celebration, I reminded his family that our loved ones are kept alive in our memories. I reminded them no box can contain life it can only hold the shell, the body. The seed of a good life is planted in each and every heart touched by and remembered by us. I reminded the youth that they should let the death and life of this newly promoted ancestor motivate them to Keep Going and not quit. I also reminded all that were in attendance that this was not the time to play the revenge game. The universe will handle and bring to justice what seems like an injustice right now.

This senseless act of gun violence brought home to me our vulnerability and nearness of this gun violence issue. It also rekindled my desire to make a difference in this world to stop the gun violence in our community. Now I am beginning to wonder is there any "good" use of guns period.

 I want to encourage all of us to rethink our love, use and dependency on guns; Those of us who have them especially our youth are more likely to use them to kill others rather than find other means to communicate. We have the power in us to stop the violent use of guns. I am convinced that laws alone can't do this. It begins with a sacred reverence for and value of life itself, all life even the life of the perpetrators of gun violence-mass or individual. When we hold life precious, even the life of the unborn and the ancestors, we begin to cut off this vicious murderous spirit at its root.  We must decide that we are tired of the damage guns are causing in our communities. Please don't wait until death comes knocking at you door like it did mine, before you decided enough is enough. Take a stand today. Check out this following article about one of our newest ancestors. and then join in the resistance against gun violence at:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TORN a Thoughtful Response to #DarkGirls on OWN

It's time for us to free ourselves from mental slavery... Bob Marley says "none but ourselves can free our minds." In some ways he's right; we have responsibility to do our part to liberate ourselves from the left overs of racial slavery. On Leap day in this leap year, I took a leap in the right direction to free my mind of any of the residual effects of Mental Slavery I did this by attending a play + Movie called TORN. In this movie I was confronted with the effect of slavery and the "Willie Lynch" Letter.

The play held out the promise that we would "tear" this destructive letter and thus destroy the enslaving grip of this supposed blue print for long term enslavement of the African slave in the Americas. I don't know if the letter is actually an historical document. However, I know that its precepts have been in practice far too long.

I was waiting for the right moment to release this blog. But after watching #DarkGirls on the OWN network. I realized once again how important this work by Jermaine Harris is to the healing of our minds from color-ism / racism. We all have to do our part in the emancipation of our minds from the tools of mental slavery that now exits.

We have to go beyond just casually rapping about consumer slavery and get to dealing with the core issue of institutional and systemic racism and color-ism  This is one reason why I like what Jermaine Harris has done with TORN. He has given us something to work with and show to our children. I have watched the DVD several times and during these times my children have watched a portion with me. I felt good watching this with my children because with each viewing we are dismantling the the foundation of psychological self hatred and individual dislike that has lingered in our minds and perpetuated in our consumer culture for far too long.

Thank you Jermaine and the Black Family United for this production. I hope that it gets picked up by Oprah and other international platforms for wider distribution. I'm doing my part by putting it out there, so Keep Going... Jermaine and Oprah and you!

I hope that you look up this play that's now on DVD and share it with your friends it will jump start your leap out of mental slavery. Dedicated to Dark Girls and Dark People everywhere....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's a Miracle!...that happens daily

When was that last time you witnessed a miracle?  I know that some of you are wondering if you ever witnessed a miracle. I believe that you have not only witnessed one but participated in at least one modern miracle.  However, you may not have recognized the miracle because it happens so often that you have become blinded to the actuality of the miracle. 

By now you may realize that I am not necessarily talking about the Biblical Jesus Christ type miracles like raising the dead, giving sight to the blind, or feeding the five thousand. We don't see many of the Jesus level miracles today, although, I believe they are on the way here soon. We will not only be witnesses, we will perform them. 

The miracles that I have my focus on today are those modern day miracles performed with the aid and use of technology. Today, I jumped on and off a flying metal bird weighing over 100,000 pounds and moving at a speeds of over 500 miles and hour. (These things actually fold time.) Hundreds of these birds, called airplanes, take off and land everyday without incident. Now, that's a Miracle. [Not to mention that our luggage usually gets to our destination along with us.]

If this is not enough for you to recognize daily miracles consider this. Many of us get in and out of our personal transporters, called cars; we weld these weapons of mass destruction weighing thousands pounds up and down our streets and highways; we sling ourselves around at the speed of 70-80 miles per hour, while at the same time texting friends, calling business partners and updating  Facebook and Twitters statuses simultaneously.  Yet, we do all this many time without so much as a scratch on our precious transporters or injury to ourselves, loved ones and neighbors.

Miracles! I tell you miracles are the norm for our times. That's why were all in awe when a plane crashes or there's a fatal car accident because then we are reminded of just how risky our common place activities are. In these tragic moments ever so briefly we pause for the cause and contemplate the miracle of our survival that we witness on the daily. Give Thanks! 

The Most High has keep us, again; He has covered us and keep us from the hurt, harm and danger that we expose ourselves to daily. It's a miracle that we are here....

"Almighty God, thank you for the miracle of flight, travel and safe passage today. May we use our collective miracle working power to do Your will in our world: to set free those in bondage, to feed the hungry, heal the sick and manifest your Love by ending the cradle to prison pipelines, ending self inflected genocide by means of gun violence and beginning the new age of miracles for the good of all humanity."  Amen, so let it be. Check out this link: